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Directly at the coast of Isabela is a work of art made by mother nature - and waiting to be explored by you. Actually, it might even be more interesting than the beaches in this area. Only a couple of steps away from Jobos Beach, you can find a natural rock formation, which makes you feel like you are taking a walk on Mars rather than on a tropical island.

Right in the middle of the rock formation there is a big hole into which the sea waves thrash. There is a legend about this hole, which we would like to share with you. One version tells the story of a farmer called Jacinto, who tied his favourite cow to him while leading the rest of his herd. In other versions Jacinto is a young man working for a farmer and looking after his herd. What the stories have in common, however, is that the cow came too close to the hole and fell into it - taking Jacinto with her and killing him.

According to the legend, water will shoot up from the hole if you call "Jacinto, give me the cow". Of course here, too, there are different versions. But the important message is this: You should be very careful, as the rocks are just as dangerous today as they were then - and we want to make sure that an accident like Jacinto's won’t happen again.

Today, the beaches around the rock formation are surfers' territory. But for those of you looking for a cosy beach, there are also various quiet beaches nestled in the bays. One of them is Jobos Beach, the beach from which you can directly access el Pozo de Jacinto.

If you haven't brought surfing gear, but still feel like you would like a little action, you can rent jetskis or experience scuba diving only a couple of kilometers away directly at Aguadilla's Crash Boat Beach.
El Pozo de Jacinto
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