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Please note: Just like in all caves it is very important to avoid any loud noise, like loud talking, laughing, screaming. Those caves are the home of animals like bats, which sleep during the day. Since you are only a guest in the caves, you should behave like one and respect the animals there. If there are other people shouting or talking too loud, please let them know the same.

This is what you need: Most important equipment for the caves is a good flashlight (available in the near gas station sometimes, if you forgot to bring one) and weatherproof shoes with good grip. The caves are wet and very slippery, so be prepared to get dirty and don't use your best clothes.

One of the probably most breathtaking views on the island awaits you at the end of Cueva Ventana – a window in the wall of a mountain. This is definitely one of the must-see locations on this island, no matter if you just visit Puerto Rico or live here.

You will find the trail that leads to the cave near of a Texaco Gas Station on the hill of the road #10 from Arecibo to Utuado. If you come from San Juan you have to take the exit 75B on the highway. The trail is short and after 15 minutes you will already see the first entrance to a cave. This is not the Cueva Ventana, but another cave with one very large room which you can enter more safely from the other side of it, where also an entrance to the Cueva Ventana is.

After another 5 minutes you will arrive at the main entrance of Cueva Ventana and the other cave. If you want to explore the cave that you saw on your way already, just get into the bigger opening to the right. At the end of this cave you will find another opening where many birds live in holes in the walls, surrounding you as you walk around.

If you feel ready to get into the main cave, you can get into Cueva Ventana. Depending on the weather, this cave can be filled with some water, so watch your step because it is very slippery here as well. After a few minutes and impressive details of the cave you will see a light getting brighter. Now you are coming closer to the big opening from which the cave got its name. Get ready to take some stunning pictures with your camera and take some time to enjoy this very unique and amazing location.

If you still are in adventure mood and have some more time before the sunset, you can also explore Cueva del Indio at the coast of Arecibo, not to far from here. Actually, we recommend to plan a day trip to both caves and if you are doing this in the summer months, you can find a refreshing bath in one of the countless rivers right on the way: Río Tanama (Valley).
Cueva Ventana, Arecibo
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