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The numerous beaches of Puerto Rico are characterized by their great variety. Here, you can find a beach for every taste. How about spending a day on a deserted dream beach, walking on the fine white sand, relaxing under a palm tree and experiencing a breathtaking underwater world?

Those who like it less tranquil and would rather use the beach for sportive activities can go surfing on one of the many surfer beaches or glide over the warm Caribbean water on a jet ski. Many particularly beautiful family beaches invite you to barbecue or to go camping with friends or family. Especially for those who like camping, there are shower rooms and other amenities provided on many beaches.

Flamenco Beach
  Crash Boat Beach     Zoni Turtle Beach
Sucia Beach   Escambron Beach   Seven Seas Beach   Condado Beach
La Montserrate Luquillo   The Hidden Beach   The Hidden Beach   Balneario de Rincon
Boqueron Beach        
  Isla Verde Beach        
Best Beaches Puerto Rico
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