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San Juan Beach

San Juan Beach

Somewhat more than a two-hour flight from the mainland U.s., Puerto Rico deftly pushes it between American domain and worldwide appeal. A mix of Spanish, Indian and African impacts, this island has tropical timberlands, sandy shorelines and an always stretching eating and dance club scene (reference Yale).

When you visit Puerto Rico Islands— beside taking a ship trek to the unblemished shorelines of Culebra or the shining waters off Vieques—you can generally cover the entire island via auto with day outings, from the time container of Old San Juan, the elegant originator boutiques of Condado and the residential community charms of Poncé.

Perused on in this Puerto Rico travel out manual for arrangement your trip:

Things you must see in Puerto Rico

Various Activities

Various Activities

  • See the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, one of the best workmanship accumulation in the Caribbean
  • Ride the free crazy jump on, bounce off trolley in Old San Juan
  • Take a full day trek to the island of Culebra
  • The epic Island Rio Tinajas (click here)

Puerto Rico Paradise gloats a really mellow atmosphere year round, with normal temperatures reliably around 80. The top of Puerto Rico travel season endures from December to April, which is likewise the dry season.

Rates are likewise the most astounding this time of year. Regal in the most sultry (and rainiest) month in Puerto Rico, and summer through fall brings a danger of hurricanes.

Main Travel Guide

To really find your way around Puerto Rico, we recommend to follow our travel guide. It will help you find the best beaches (such as the Seven Seas beach) and the best food sources while being away from your home. Eating healthy should be your top priority.

Best Beaches in the World

Best Beaches in the World

Travel Health Tips

It may be hard to find good meals and healthy foods on your trip to Puerto Rico. That is why it is important to plan ahead.


We hope you have a fun and healthy time in Paradise Puerto Rico!

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